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Learn Why the Law Offices of Paul Y. Lee is the Right Office to Contact if You Are Considering a California Bankruptcy

Many people who are facing bankruptcy assume they can handle it themselves. The truth is that working with a bankruptcy attorney can save you a significant amount in the long-term. Keep reading to learn why you should hire an attorney and why that attorney should be Paul Y. Lee. Then call The Law Offices of Paul Y. Lee at 888-748-0025 for a free bankruptcy consultation.

Why You Need a Bankruptcy Attorney

It is certainly logical to think that if you are struggling, hiring someone to help you isn’t a cost-effective solution. The truth is that even the U.S. Bankruptcy Court recommends that individuals going through any type of bankruptcy process should work with an attorney. Because choosing not to do so can result in losing all of your assets, or debt may not be properly discharged. Working with an experienced attorney can help increase your chances of the best possible outcome.

Bankruptcy Laws Are Not Set Up to Be Easy for You

It may surprise you to learn that bankruptcy laws have been in place since the 1800s – and they were never designed to help debtors. They were there to freeze the assets of the debtor from a free-for-all from creditors while the debtor was in prison.

Today, debtor’s prisons have been outlawed and people have the option of a “fresh start” by filing bankruptcy. Still, the laws are not simple. For many years debtors were slowing getting more rights and options, but in 2005 the Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention and Consumer Protection Act was signed and the bankruptcy laws took a sharp turn toward the favor of creditors.

Learn Why You Should Choose the Law Offices of Paul Y. Lee

Once you decide to work with an attorney, you must choose which attorney to work with. There are many reasons to choose The Law Offices of Paul Y. Lee. First, we can stop foreclosures, lawsuits, garnishments, and harassment from creditors. We can represent you at bot your 341 Meeting of Creditors Proceeding and when you go to Bankruptcy Court.

We are also here to prepare your petitions, schedules, and local forms so they can be filed appropriately. We will apply the California exemptions to protect your legal rights, and we can answer and advise at each step of the process.

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Deciding to file bankruptcy is a difficult decision to make and it is not always the best way out. When you contact The Law Offices of Paul Y. Lee at 888-748-0025, you can count on an honest legal opinion. We will assess your case, determine if you are likely to qualify for bankruptcy, and inform you have alternative options. Call us now and let us get started working for you.