Stop Foreclosures. Stop Wage Garnishments. Stop Creditor Harassment.

Stop Foreclosures. Stop Wage Garnishments. Stop Creditor Harassment.

Filing for bankruptcy can stop collection activities and give you room to breathe. Learn more from your Riverside bankruptcy attorney.



Credit Card Debt, Medical Bills, Lawsuits, Unpaid Taxes

Get a fresh start for your financial life. As your Orange County bankruptcy attorney we will help maximize your debt relief.

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Struggling with credit card debt, medical bills, and other unsecured debts?

Find out if you qualify for Chapter 7 by contacting an experienced bankruptcy attorney in Orange County today.

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

If you are behind on your mortgage, car payments, or other debt, sometimes a little extra time is all you need to get back on track. Chapter 13 bankruptcy is designed to give you this time.

Speak to a Riverside Bankruptcy attorney today to discuss your options.

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At The Law Offices of Paul Y. Lee, our expert Riverside bankruptcy attorney and lawyer can help you eliminate your credit card debt, medical bills, tax debt and other bills. We can stop foreclosures, wage garnishments, repossessions, and harassing creditors through Chapter 7 Bankruptcy or Chapter 13 Bankruptcy. In a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy, you can Lien Strip a second mortgage or receive additional time if you’re behind on your mortgage payments.

We have been 100% successful in all Chapter 7 bankruptcy filings and the top Chapter 13 filer in Riverside and San Bernardino. We have helped discharge millions of dollars of debt! Receive a free consultation today with our experienced Riverside bankruptcy attorney and Orange County bankruptcy lawyer.

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When Is Filing Bankruptcy An Option In Riverside CA?

Aside from the usual indicators such as an inability to pay bills, lawsuits, bank levies or wage garnishments, bankruptcy is an option if your unsecured debt, e.g. credit cards, is more than one-third (1/3) of your annual net income (take home pay after taxes). If your unsecured debt is greater than 1/3 of your net income then you will likely not be able to pay off your debt in a reasonable amount of time. Instead of saving for retirement or your child’s college, you will have wasted away your precious money, energy and time.

Bankruptcy vs. Debt Settlement

What is the difference between bankruptcy and debt settlement? In almost all cases, filing a Riverside bankruptcy is a better solution than debt settlement. Debt settlement attempts to negotiate your debt over a very long time, typically 3-5 years, with no guarantees for success. During this time, your credit continues to drop and cause damage. Debt settlements do not protect you legally from lawsuits, judgments, levies or garnishments. Even if a settlement is reached, you pay a substantial fee merely to reduce only a portion of your debt.

Filing bankruptcy in Riverside or Orange County can eliminate your debt permanently and you begin rebuilding your credit instantly. You can even qualify to buy a new home in as little as two years after your discharge. Contact our Orange County Bankruptcy Attorney or Riverside Bankruptcy Lawyer and discover how our expert bankruptcy attorney can help you now.

Keep Your House In Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Surrender the house if you can’t afford the payments. Options include: surrender, foreclosure, deed in lieu, short sale), or keep the house and continue to make payments if current. Pay off your loan and you can own the house free and clear.

A Chapter 7 Bankruptcy in Riverside is the most common option but you must qualify and it can be difficult because eligibility is based on household income. The process is complicated so call our Riverside Bankruptcy Attorney | Lawyer to discuss your options today. Our Bankruptcy Attorney, Riverside CA also represents clients in Orange County, Corona, Moreno Valley, Chino Hills and San Bernardino Orange County.

Lien Strip Your Second Mortage

A Chapter 13 Bankruptcy is a debt repayment plan that lasts 3 to 5 years in Riverside or Orange County CA. It’s often filed to stop a foreclosure when you’re behind on your mortgage and can be used to strip liens on a second mortgage or HELOC. The monthly payment varies and depends on your income and the types of debt owed. Your payments may be as little as $200 per month so contact us today. Chapter 13 Bankruptcy is a common choice if:

  • You’ve fallen behind on a mortgage and need time to get current
  • You are an individual that doesn’t qualify for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy
  • You own unprotected assets that can be taken by creditors
  • View Chapter 7 vs. 13 Bankruptcy for more information.

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