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The experience with California Bankruptcy Relief was nothing more then a walk in the park. You would think that filing for bankruptcy would be the biggest headache, but Paul Lee and his staff will make your filing a smooth, painless, hassle free experience. Him and his staff are very knowledgeable, and are very informative with you financial situation. Mr. lee is very genuine, he will guide you very step of the way. Give Paul Lee a call,  and get your Financial situation situated! Thank You Paul Lee!

Alex R.

Riverside, CA

Went thru some crazy stuff all at the same time: bk, divorce, work problems… seriously bad season of life… I was referred to Paul and he was straight forward and dependable. He was on top of everything and made the BK as stress free as possible. He’s done a ton of these and answered all my questions. I hope I never have to do another BK but if I do, I will def come back to Paul.

Sam B.

Rowland Heights, CA

Paul is a legit guy. Very open and honest with my situation. Simplified the process and how long it will take. Also walked me down the whole process with me so that I can understand the steps and procedures i would be hoping through.  I definitely recommend giving Paul a call and getting a consultation if you need to go bankrupt.

Steve C.

Corona, CA

So grateful i was referred to Paul and his team. He was incredibly genuine and helpful and very patient with me. I feel a sense of relief now that I have finally finished this bankruptcy!
Paul made me feel human. I wasn’t made to feel stupid or like a failure because of having to file for bankruptcy.
I for sure recommend him to anyone that is need of a fresh start!! He’s a good man, he has a great time and they treat you like REAL PEOPLE, not a dollar sign. That’s the kind of lawyer I wanted and I got! So pleased!
Thank you all so much for you help!

Rebecca G.

Costa Mesa, CA

I am very thankful that i found this place. Attorney Paul Lee and his Associates are all knowledgeable and very helpful. Meeting Attorney Paul for the first time ease my mind regarding all my doubts about bankruptcy. He was very honest and straight forward. Thank you attorney Paul Lee for giving me and my family a fresh start. This has been the best decision I’ve made financial wise. I would recommend California Bankruptcy Relief for anyone seeking financial help.

Roshell L.

La Puenta, CA

He’s been very helpful at every step. Even working around my difficult medical issues which required a reschedule. It put my mind at ease for sure to have his reassurance during the process. He’s been hands down the best attorney for the job! I would highly recommend him.

Amanda R.

Redlands, CA

OMG!! I have never been this excited to write a review in my life AND I AM AN AVID YELPER!!! Ok, I literally have been completely distraught and so depressed. Single mom who has made a way out of no way all while trying to stay on top of my debt and pay everyone on time! It became so overwhelming I couldn’t manage it all. I had more money going out than coming in! I have never seen an attorney a day in my life. Something about Paul drew me in. I actually found him here on yelp! I had my consultation with him today and I was so afraid! I thought there’s no way he can help me.. I can’t afford attorney fees. I’m doomed and hopeless. But I still went because the consultation was free and at least I’d know my destiny either way! This man is incredible to the point that I broke down to the point of tears! He literally gave me the best affordable rate I could afford without starving my kids! He literally made me laugh. Told jokes. Eased alllllll of my anxieties and get this HE SERENADED ME ON MY WAY OUT WITH AN IMPROMPTU GUITAR SESSION!!!!! Words could never express my gratitude to you Paul. Tonight is the first night in YEARS that I will actually have a sound mind and get A GOOD NIGHTS SLEEP!!! God is so good and I’m so fortunate he guided me to your path!! Anyone reading this yelp review, this is not any bs ok, this man is extremely sincere and LEGITIMATE AS HELL!!! Retain this lawyer.  I’m so serious! God answered my prayers. I pray anyone else in a financial hardship where there is zero hope finds Paul. Keep changing lives Paul! You certainly have changed the lives of my children and I ! I will forever keep in touch with him for he also has other connects and resources to help you! He literally is THE GIFT THAT KEEPS ON GIVING !!! THANK YOU PAULLLLLLLLL!!

Tomeka M.

Riverside, CA

Painless! I expected an interrogation and several forms, paperwork…but it was nothing like that. Paul and his team did all the work. He also let us pay in installments — and that was so helpful. If anyone I know needs to go through this like me, I’m sending them to Paul.

Samantha I.

Temecula, CA

SHOUT OUT to Paul Y Lee !! & Irene ” i gotta tell ya, i didnt know wat to expect because i have never done a Bk and did not know anything. I was lost, to make long story short, HE IS AMAZING” he will walk u thru it nice and smooth… no sugar coated just how things are! I end up even bringing my best friend that was goin thru Bk as well..      i highly highly reccommed  Paul ” thank u Paul and ur amazing staff and the great customer service u guys provided as soon as we walked in.

Chu Chu

Winchester, CA

I would Definitely recommend paul Lee he made the process so easy for me an when i was nervous he made me feel calm about the process he was so helpful an understanding an he was very reasonable on the fees an very detailed on what was going to happen an what I was suppose to do on my part thank u Paul for all ur help an I’m finally going to get a chance to start over

Susan D.

Rialto, CA

Attorney Paul lee and his staff are amazing. Everyone is so nice and literally makes you feel so welcomed. My husband and I were nervous about filing bankruptcy. He made everything so easy for us. We loved going to his office because they are so friendly and he even brought out his guitar and sang for my 2 year old daughter. I loved that I was able to text his staff if I had any questions and they respond so quickly.. I would highly recommend him for your bankruptcy. THANK YOU SO MUCH PAUL LEE !!!

Mayra H.

Riverside, CA

I am very blessed to have found Attorney Lee and his great staff. I was going to have my paperwork processed by a paralegal and just file the paperwork myself, My family and I are in extreme financial hardship. Everything that you think can happen, has happened to us.

Someone told me to speak to an Attorney before I file the paperwork on my own. I found Attorney Lee online and based on the situation that I am in, decided to meet with him to have my legal questions answered in detail.

I was scared and nervous about meeting with an Attorney and telling him my personal financial problems. But when I finally sat down with him and told him everything, he was such a relief for me. I felt a burden lifted off of my shoulders. He then explained that going to a paralegal would not be the best decision with the situation that I am in. He explained why and told me what I needed to do in order to take care of my finances. He explained how everything can be resolved in a timely manner.

The whole point of going to a paralegal was to save money and avoid having to spend money that I don’t have. But Attorney Lee protected me from making a big mistake for which I am thankful. He explains everything in detail and helps you through the process.

It will take some time to resolve my financial issues. But I am glad to be receiving the help I need and feel better that I have a caring attorney in my corner. I am glad that I am not doing this alone.

Mari S.

Corona, CA

I am so happy that Paul was the first bankruptcy attorney to popped up when I did a search for a bankruptcy attorney because he did an excellent job on my case.  At the time my wages were about to be garnished and that would have put an extreme hardship on me but Paul acted expeditiously and was able to prevent the garnishment from occurring.  I was extremely grateful!  In addition, his staff was very pleasant to deal with and they took care of everything and kept me up to date with the process.  I couldn’t recommend a better attorney to handle your case.  He made this unpleasant situation, pleasant.  Paul and his staff did an excellent job and I highly recommend them!

Olivia B.

Ontario, CA

Paul and his staff are the absolute best. I had a very complicated Chapter 13 case that needed careful attention to time frame and details over the course of a few years. Paul never let me down. Once it came time, he was right there and it was great to be represented by an attorney that had all his ducks in a row and knew the system so well. I listened to other cases. I saw some attorneys fumbling around and missing documents. I saw attorneys looking for clients and not knowing their faces. None of this has ever been the case with Paul. When you have to do something like this, it is nerve wracking and stressful; having the best attorney at your side takes so much of that stress away because you know he’s not going to drop the ball. I am so thankful for Paul and his staff. If you want to feel confident that your case will be handled by the best there is, and go in knowing that everything will be taken care of in the most professional manner – look no further. Paul and Staff are the absolute BEST.

Mark M.

Riverside, CA

Paul and his office was amazing even after filing my BK (in 2014), they would help Debt collecting bullies leave me alone via harassing emails.  His office was great with working with me and payments!  I was a few years younger when going through the process and not making as much money.  He assured me that I should not let my age stop me from starting over, and not to feel bad about the whole situation, that everyone is to learn from poor money decisions.  I followed their instructions made my payments, and he then went with me to court. Told me not to be nervous all will be ok. I got my second chance and I am grateful for it all.

Marlina D.

Riverside, CA

I thought I wrote a review for Paul Lee, Attorney from California Bankruptcy Relief, but I don’t see it, so here I go again 🙂

We took several pay cuts and then my husband got hurt on the job; we were in horrible debt.  If felt like we had rocks tied to our feet and were thrown into a rushing river.  We avoided phone calls as they were mostly creditors.  Finally, AFTER getting burnt from CDA Law Center, we found Paul Lee.  Of course, by then, we were very leery.  I was full of questions and came in very defensive.  After all, we had just been burnt from a different company who claimed they could help us.

We met with Mr. Lee, face-to-face.  He didn’t judge us or make us feel bad for our circumstances.  Instead, he was empathetic and very helpful.  He helped us figure out which filing would be best for our circumstances.  He helped us through the whole process.   The day of our hearing, I was feeling really ill.  Paul made me as comfortable as he possibly could.

Paul was true to his word.  He filed every piece of paperwork correctly the first time.  The hearing was painless.  We were able to get a fresh start.  We can finally breathe again!  We no longer cringe when the phone rings.  Thank you, Paul, for helping us in our hour of need.  We are so grateful!

Jen F.

Escondido, CA

My auntie needed bankruptcy advice ! She needed help finding a good and trustworthy bankruptcy attorney so I did some research and referred her to Mr. Paul Lee.

He understood and simplified my aunt’s situation in a way I could clearly understand it. Paul was patient and gave her great advice and recommendations. I’m not sure of other people’s situations, but I can tell he put the time and effort to make sure my aunt would be okay.

Once you find the right building, Paul’s office is located on the second floor in the northeast corner.

We had to filter through a bunch of sketchy bankruptcy attorneys until we found some luck with Paul’s law firm. Save yourself the trouble and give this guy a call.

Andy H.

Costa Mesa, CA

Paul Lee and his associates were very helpful.  I didn’t think I would qualify.  I never been through a bankruptcy before. They were very informative and so nice. Walking me through this step by step.

Chris P.

Riverside, CA

Great service got the job done and went above and beyond. He answers all questions to make sure it’s a smooth process. I definitely would recommend him to family and friends looking for a fresh start. Thank you Mr. Lee

Toneshia B.

Moreno Valley, CA

My husband and I just finished the bankruptcy process. Paul Lee and his staff were amazing. I truly felt they cared about our situation. Paul was very professional and went out of his way to help us. Because of him, we feel like a weight has been lifted off our shoulders. I have heard horror stories about bamkruptcy processes, so I was very skeptical. If I would have known about Paul Lee, I would have filed years ago. And as much as I love Paul, I also feel the need to mention his assistant, Ruth. She was so pleasant to deal with and was always there to answer my questions. In the beginning of trying to see if we should file with Paul, it was because of a conversation I had with her that actually made me tell my husband that Yes! Paul Lee and his staff are the way to go!! Very very happy with them…..thanks again Paul and Ruth, you all were the answers to our prayers

Briana B.

Riverside, CA

After searching for an attorney I came across Paul Y. Lee phone number. I originally made an appointment with another office but kept reading reviews that changed my mind. I contacted Mr. Lee and his staff squeezed me in for a same day appointment. I was so skeptical not 100% sure if I even qualified to file bankruptcy or not. I went in and sat with Mr. Lee feeling ashamed because of my situation. I came out feeling like I do have a chance to start over!! I recommend Mr. Paul Y. Lee to anyone who feels the same way I did. I’m at the beginning of my journey, but I’m confident that I will be just fine with Mr. Lee’s help. Thank GOD that there’s still honest people in this world!!

Raynelle H.

Riverside, CA

I went in to see Paul Lee not knowing much about bancruptcy but knowing i couldnt do anything I was so far in debt. He explained the whole process and made me actually feel relieved as i finally found help to get out of the problems I am having with my credit and bills. He is very positive and makes you feel good that you went through him while you were dealing with this sensitive issue. Thank you Paul Lee.

Corrie S.

Murrieta, CA

Paul helped me a couple years ago and I am sorry it took me so long to get this review out.  Long story short, working in finance, 2008-2009 was a very humbling time period for me.  I was taking any jobs that I could find for a fraction of what I used to make.  I went through my savings fairly quickly even though I thought would be a good amount for a rainy day.  Didn’t forecast that sometimes when it rains, it pours and eventually I had to turn to credit cards to make ends meet for unexpected events.  When the creditors wouldn’t work with me because I didn’t have a high enough income, I had to think about filing.  I contacted a few offices that advertised very cheap prices, but if was hard to get a hold of them and a few just blew me off or didn’t really give me any guidance.  They just wanted their money first and then wanted to talk. Paul was so helpful in making sure that I was comfortable, always contacted me back in a timely manner, and I really felt like he genuinely wanted to help me.  He helped me get on a payment plan that was super reasonable for me and after it was paid, the process went super fast.  He got on on my case right away.  Oh my goodness, it was such an amazing relief when it was over.  I gave Paul the biggest hug ever because he help me get back on track in life.  Even though I hope I never have to work with him ever again, I wanted to tell as many people as I could to go see him if you need help.  He doesn’t charge you for anything if he cannot help you and is very straight forward about everything.  He is one of the good guys and will not take advantage of you and I really appreciate him for that.  Thank you Paul, I finally found a great job again and I am doing very well. You helped me during a dark period of my life and I am forever grateful. Wish you and your family the best!

N C.

Laguna Beach, CA

STOP! Don’t look any further. I chose Attorney Paul Lee from his many great reviews on Yelp! I’ve worked w/ several attorneys, realtors, etc. etc. in the past and none have been as effective as him. He definitely gets straight to the point and is very helpful, something that many attorneys lack! My bankruptcy was unfortunately necessary and he was very helpful every step of the way. Taking time to answer all of my questions. I truly recommend him. Trust me, you cannot go wrong!

Xochiti B.

Pomona, CA

Best place to go for all your bankruptcy needs. Mr Lee is understanding and a easy person to talk to. If your stressed out over debt look no further Paul knows exactly what he’s doing. I highly reccomend this office.

Vannesa M.

Jerome, ID

First of all, I would like everyone here to know that my husband’s case was done, as in discharged this Aug. 2011 under Chapter 7. And the person behind this was Atty. Paul Lee who is our angel, from the very beginning. The first time I called him, he knows exactly what kind of case we had. My husband doesn’t really want to file because, he doesn’t want people to know his business, but at the same time we really need to file because of financial issues, and Attorney Paul was the only one that he felt comfortable to speak to and trusted to go ahead and file.
When my husband filed for his bankruptcy (by the way this is his first time) everything was simplified, any questions that we had, Atty Paul or his Assistant Patty were there all the time to give us answers. And the fee was affordable as well.
Now were debt free, worry free and most specially stress free, all of this, thanks to Atty. Paul.

Atty. Paul, is approachable, easy to talk to, who is understanding and cares about his client. He’s very straight forward yet with a sense of humor.

Overall, I would definitely recommend Atty. Paul Y. Lee and his team to everyone that needs to file bankruptcy.

Atty. Paul Lee is the man! 🙂

Tiffany H.

Chino, CA

When I needed an attorney, Paul Lee was there every step of the way, managing our legal challenges with expertise, compassion and extraordinary aplomb. Not only was Paul a beacon of light in a murky world of legal mumbo-jumbo, but his positive character and objectivity kept us focused and moving forward even when circumstances seemed too tough to handle. Paul is a man of honor, integrity, is exceptionally knowledgable and bright, and most importantly, he genuine cares about the people he serves. My family and I are greatly indebted to Paul and could not recommend him any more enthusiastically.

Mark Jordan K.

Rancho Santa Margarita, CA

I had a wonderful experiance working with Paul.  He made everything run very smoothly with out a hitch.  I would definitely recommend him to other poeple with out thinking twice.

Perla Z.

Garden Grove, CA

Paul answered all of my questions right off the bat and did not hesitate to help me every step of the way. He gave me a price and stuck to it even after he realized my case was more complicated than he thought; in fact, he was more affordable than most other attorneys I contacted and I was able to make installment payments. He provided me with tools to make the whole process simplified such as a website where I entered all of my debt for him to organize for me. The only thing was that he uses a MAC and I’m a PC so sometimes I could not access attached documents in my e-mail and he had to figure out a different way to get them to me. He did work around my schedule for the times that we had to meet up which was great. Overall, I definitely recommend Paul and his team to anyone and everyone who needs help filing bankruptcy.

Victoria V.

Orange, CA

This is the best place to go for a bankruptcy. Paul and his team work hard around the clock to get it done. He has helped me file and what a relief it has been. He has also helped my parents as well and we cant thank him enough. Thanks paul you are the man !

Sok C.

Sparks, NV

Gave great advice let me know what all my options are. I did not have to file BK but gave great advice and gave me all the options I had available to I was fortunate to have another option available to me but appreciated the options that were present and the pros and cons to those options. Great lawyer and great staff thank you for all the help you and your staff provided

Mychal F.

Wildomar, CA

The entire process was easy and smooth. Paul is genuine and sincere. His team is helpful, quick to respond and patient. I called and e mailed often because I’m full of questions. The meeting was smooth. Paul gave us advise after how to rebuild our post BK credit. I’ve taken his advice and am on my way to rebuilding. I have so much relief and am thankful for a fresh start. I recommend Paul and his team.

Patty H.

Moreno Valley, CA

Paul and his staff made my process easy. They are professional and willing to answer any questions you may have. Thank you for your time and dedication, you are truly a Blessing. God Bless !!

Zandra L.

Riverside, CA

I highly recommended Paul & his office. Very fast process & easy. Very helpful staff. The whole process went fast & he was there every step of the way.

Martha G.

Riverside, CA

Attorney Lee provided exceptional legal suggestions and service. He remained in constant contact through our process with him. We recommend him with the highest regard for your immediate worry relief. Thanks Attorney Lee & Staff, God Bless all your future successes, for you are truly worthy.

M. H.

Colton, CA

Excellent Service!‎‎‎‎ We were referred to California Bankruptcy Relief from a close family friend. We chose to have California Bankruptcy Relief represent us after hearing endless praises of how Paul had handled their case with care and professionalism. After finding ourselves in a similar situation as our friend’s, I didn’t hesitate to call Paul. We are very pleased with the outcome of our case and would also recommend them to anyone looking for the best representation for their case. I was especially impressed with their timely response to ALL of my questions. Thanks again, Paul.‎‎

Orange County, CA

Thank you.‎‎‎‎ I was frustrated and ashamed that I found myself in this situation. Thanks to California Bankruptcy Relief I was able to put this difficult time behind me and start rebuilding my life. Paul made me feel very comfortable and he was very patient with all my questions. Don’t hesitate to give Beacon a call. They are real experts on bankruptcy.

Orange County, CA

Best experience we’ve ever had with a lawyer!‎‎ My wife and I are extremely greatly for everything Paul has done for us. This has been a very difficult time for us. We talked to two different firms before contacting Paul; both consultations left us feeling helpless. We originally contacted Paul as a last resort and from the first phone consultation we started feeling at ease. Paul worked around our crazy schedules to make this experience as painless as possible. We finally feel a weight has been lifted and we can finally start planning for the future. Paul is easy to talk to and always willing to explain each step in detail and answer all our questions in a timely manner. I have already recommended Paul to a Friend and a family member. Thanks again Paul, you have been a life saver!

Murrieta, CA

Attorney Paul Lee provides…

  1. Excellent services
  2. Communicates effectively
  3. Delivers desirable outcome

Los Angeles, CA

Thank You Mr. Lee.‎‎ I was being harassed by creditors because I was unable to pay my 10,000 credit card debt. I am 77 years old and I am on social security. Mr. Lee gave me free legal advice and even told me it wasn’t necessary to file bankruptcy. He was also kind enough to offer me his creditor’s hotline number so the creditors would stop hounding me. Thank you again for being such a wonderful soul.

Riverside, CA

An extremely intelligent and capable lawyer! Obviously well versed in his field! Paul put us at our ease during one of the most difficult times of our lives and we will forever esteem him highly. My husband and I couldn’t be more grateful to Paul. He was always available to answer our questions. Always gracious, down to earth, accommodating. We will always be quick to recommend him.

An extremely intelligent and capable lawyer!‎‎ Obviously well versed in his field. Paul put us at our ease during one of the most difficult times of our lives and we will forever esteem him highly. My husband and I couldn’t be more grateful to Paul. He was always available to answer our questions. Always gracious, down to earth and accommodating. We will always be quick to recommend him.

Orange County, CA

Paul is exactly what you need when you need someone the most.‎‎ When I found myself in the unbelievable position of needing a lawyer of his character, he came through with the best possible results. That is what having a great lawyer is all about, getting the results you want for the most reasonable cost. Thank you Paul, and I wish you much success and I know anyone who will choose to put their trust in you will have equal success.

Riverside, CA

Living Debt Free.‎‎ Thank you Mr. Lee for all of your help. As you know I was really nervous about our Chapter 7 bankruptcy because we owed so much credit card debt both individually and under our businesses. After it was all said and done, you help us discharge over $1.1 million dollars in debt and now my family is living debt free. I can’t tell you how happy we were when we read our Notice of Discharge for the first time. We’re working on rebuilding our credit and we hope to buy a house again in a couple of years. May our God continually bless you!

Orange County, CA

Expert, Good Value, High Integrity.‎‎ When I needed an attorney, Paul Lee was there every step of the way, managing our legal challenges with expertise, compassion and extraordinary aplomb. Not only was Paul a beacon of light in a murky world of legal mumbo-jumbo, but his positive character and objectivity kept us focused and moving forward even when circumstances seemed too tough to handle. Paul is a man of honor, integrity, is exceptionally knowledgable and bright, and most importantly, he genuine cares about the people he serves. My family and I are greatly indebted to Paul and could not recommend him high enough.

Rancho Santa Margarita, CA