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You are not alone in the bankruptcy process. Let us serve as your guide, helping you secure maximum debt relief through whichever type of bankruptcy is best suited to your specific case. Contact us today to get started.

How To Get Started With Bankruptcy

Complete Our Free Online Evaluation & Give Us a Call

Your free bankruptcy evaluation is one of the most important aspects of the bankruptcy process because that is when our Bankruptcy Attorney will thoroughly analyze your individual case, identify issues, anticipate problems and plan your bankruptcy with the best possible plan for success. After the consultation, our Bankruptcy Attorney (not claims administrator or paralegal) will guide you through your bankruptcy options, and if it’s right for you, the Bankruptcy Lawyer will instruct you to bring documents from the checklist below to our office so we can prepare your bankruptcy petitions, schedules and forms.

Collect Your Documents

Based on your individual consultation with our Bankruptcy Attorney, please bring the documents listed. You can print out a copy of the checklist for your convenience here: Bankruptcy Document Checklist

Document Check List

Date Range Description
Driver’s License
Social Security Card
Credit Report.  We’ll download a free credit report during your consultation for free if available annnualcreditreport.com
Past 6 mos. Income: paychecks or paystubs if you are an employee.  Your spouse’s income for the past 2 months.
Past 6 mos. Bus. Income: profit & loss statements if self employed business
Most recent Financial Accounts: checking, savings, certificate of deposits, 401k, IRA, mutual funds, stocks or similar accounts
Most recent Creditor Bills: credit cards, charge cards, cash advances, pay day loans, personal loans. Include billing statements and collection notices.
Past 3 mos. Support: child support or alimony payments received or paid.
Most recent Medical Bills: hospitals, doctors, dental.
Most recent Disability: social security, disability, worker’s compensation statement.
Most recent Retirement Accounts:.
Most recent Loans: mortgage, second mortgage, home equity loan, vehicles, RV’s, boats, other real or personal property statements that shows full payoff amounts and any monthly payment.
Most recent Leases: residential, office, business, vehicles
Past 3 years Tax Returns: federal & state.
Any Notices: foreclosure, collection, wage garnishments, and taxes
Any Court Documents: lawsuits, request for entry of defaults, judgments, wage garnishments orders, divorce decrees.
Any Prior Bankruptcy: filings including case number, year filed, type of bankruptcy, court location, and result.

Confirm An Appointment

Confirm an in-person appointment with your Bankruptcy Attorney to drop off your documents and review your continuing bankruptcy issues. During this meeting, our Bankruptcy Attorney will review your documents to ensure you’ve provided the all of the necessary information required by the Bankruptcy Court and Trustee. Moreover, we take “your financial documents” i.e. credit card bills, collection letters, and even your credit reports to prepare your bankruptcy petition, schedule and forms. Unlike other firms, our clients do not complete thick bankruptcy packets that are painfully long and difficult to complete.

After your bankruptcy petitions, schedules and forms are prepared we’ll review them several times, request additional information, make necessary changes or updates, and review them again to help ensure accuracy as well confidence that you’re in the best possible position to receive a Bankruptcy Discharge. A copy of your final bankruptcy petition is emailed to you prior to your final review meeting with your Bankruptcy Attorney, and if everything is confirmed accurate, we will file your all of your required documents with the Bankruptcy Court and formally commence your Bankruptcy Case and begin preparing you for the 341 Court Hearing.

Call us now for a free bankruptcy consultation and we’ll help you determine if bankruptcy is the right decision for you. If it is, The Law Offices of Paul Y. Lee will represent you from start to finish and help you toward your fresh start today.