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Which of These Three Excuses is Keeping You from Moving Forward with Bankruptcy?

The truth is that not most people do not feel good about getting into a position of needing to file bankruptcy. At The Law Offices of Paul Y. Lee we have seen many clients wait until they are unnecessarily underwater before filing deciding to file for bankruptcy. We have found that there are three common excuses used: They are afraid, they are stubborn, or they don’t want to hurt their pride.

The truth about bankruptcy is that it is often better to file sooner rather than later – for everyone involved, including your creditors. Keep reading to learn how these three excuses can get you in trouble. Then contact The Law Offices of Paul Y. Lee at 888-748-0025 to request a free legal consultation with a bankruptcy attorney.

1. Are You Allowing Fear to Keep You from Filing for Bankruptcy?

Being afraid of the unknown is natural. In fact, it is what kept our ancient ancestors alive – if they did not know what something was then they were better off fearing it and avoiding it. However, in today’s world, there is not much that is truly unknown. All it takes is a quick google search or a close working relationship with a bankruptcy attorney to know exactly what to expect.

At The Law Offices of Paul Y. Lee we find that people are afraid of living in today’s world without decent credit, they are afraid others will think that they are failures, and they are afraid that others will judge them. The truth is that if you are in a truly bad financial situation, the best thing you can do for yourself is to take a step to correct it. That’s what bankruptcy is for.

2. Are You Too Stubborn to File for Bankruptcy?

This is a hard issue to deal with. Many people are too stubborn to file bankruptcy – despite the fact that their stubbornness may have been what got them into the situation they’re in. The way out of this is to ask yourself honestly if you are being rational. Yes, you want to pay your debts by any means possible – but are there possible means? Is it time to file for bankruptcy? The answer is likely yes.

3. Are You Feeling Too Prideful to File for Bankruptcy

We often hear clients tell us that they are not “the kind of person” who files bankruptcy. The truth is that there is no “kind of person” that files bankruptcy. We work with people who have gotten sick and been unable to pay medical bills – even with health insurance, people who have divorced and cannot afford their previous lifestyle people who have lost their jobs – the list goes on. The idea that people who file for bankruptcy are trying to scam the system is an outdated idea and you should not let it keep you from making the right decision.

If you are in a bad place financially then we strongly recommend you at least talk to The Law Offices of Paul Y. Lee about filing for bankruptcy. Call us now at 888-748-0025 and request a free bankruptcy consultation.