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Yes, Hiring a Bankruptcy Attorney is Worth it: Learn Five Ways It Can Pay Off

Technically, a person is able to submit a bankruptcy petition without an attorney’s assistance. Why would you want to, though? The modest money you might save by not engaging an attorney might be easily overshadowed by the expenses and hold-ups associated with going the DIY route.

Here are 5 reasons why engaging a bankruptcy lawyer should be seen as an investment rather than an expense. Remember that you can contact The Law Offices of Paul Y. Lee at 951-755-1000 to get started today.

1. Your time is precious

The law of bankruptcy can be challenging. Why try to become an expert in bankruptcy law when you can just ask a knowledgeable lawyer for assistance? The attorneys at The Law Offices of Paul Y. Lee are already familiar with all the requirements for eligibility for various types of bankruptcy as well as the filing processes.

We’ll complete all the paperwork for you and ensure that it is completed correctly the first time. You’ll realize our services are a wise investment when you compare the numerous hours of your own time that would be required to complete all of this with our inexpensive pricing.

2. You’ll be ready to get the most debt relief possible

At The Law Offices of Paul Y. Lee, we can ensure that you make the right bankruptcy decision that will offer the best relief from the particular forms of debt you have. With our extensive knowledge of the California Means Test, we can determine whether you qualify for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, which offers the best relief from unsecured debts like credit card debt.

3. You’ll be assisted in defending your resources

Which set of California Exemptions you employ to safeguard your personal assets may depend on the type of bankruptcy you file. We can aid in your selection of the ideal set. If you want to keep your house and automobile while filing for bankruptcy, we can also help you understand how to manage your mortgage or car loan.

4. You’ll avoid mistakes that might be considered fraud

It is crucial to stay away from any language in your bankruptcy petition that even suggests fraud. Working with a lawyer can be beneficial since we will inform you of the kinds of things that raise red flags with bankruptcy courts. By ensuring sure your petition is flawless, we may spare you not only from the delays caused by a fraud investigation but also from potentially crippling fines in the event of a conviction.

5. Faster relief is available

One more benefit of hiring a bankruptcy lawyer is that your petition will be approved as soon as possible. To ensure a seamless procedure for you, we’ll make sure your paperwork is accurate, comprehensive, and filed on time. Call 951-755-1000 right away to find out more about working with The Law Offices of Paul Y. Lee.